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Saint Louis University Swag Bag

Donated by Allan Zhang

Description: A very cool swag bag full of St. Louis and Saint Louis University goodies

Posted in Bags, Fan Pack, Raffle 2022

Dutch Research University Consortium

Organization – Dutch Research University Consortium (Leiden University)

Donated by Carolyn Barr

Description: The Dutch have your back. Enjoy swag items from the members of the Dutch Research University consortium: totes, apparel, notebooks, an assortment of other branded items, and even an umbrella for the periodically rainy Dutch skies. Other materials such as pennants will also be included. Trick out your counseling area with DRU swag.

Tickets cost: 6 for $5, 12 for $10, 30 for $25. Don’t wait until the conference… you can pre-buy your tickets here