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Beach Essentials by Salve Regina

Donated by Ronn Beck

Description: Some fantastic Salve Regina swag and items for a nice day at the Beach. Enjoy a cold glass of Del’s Lemonade. It will cool you off in no time.

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Ghanaian Wood Carving

Donated by Joyce Agyare

Description: This handcrafted ebony wood carving called ‘Odo Sumbo’ in Twi, a local Ghanaian language means ‘Love is Precious.’ The 2-piece item symbolizes the importance of love in our lives and the dedication and commitment anything done in love requires. Great as a decorative piece anywhere at home or work. The choice to display the pieces separately or together is yours.

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Applerouth Online Self-Paced ACT/SAT Course (1-year student license)

Donated by Melissa Pluchos

Personalized ACT and SAT prep that’s efficient, effective, and enjoyable (really!)

Master the SAT, ACT, or both with Applerouth’s interactive instructional videos, online practice tests, and more including:

  • 350+ instructional and solution videos for every section of the SAT+ACT
  • 4,000+ practice problems & solutions
  • 7 practice tests to track student score gains
  • Comprehensive 900+ page study guide
  • Short, engaging lessons and practice keep the student motivated
  • Customized lesson plan based on student needs
  • Retail value of $US 299

Gift this one-year student license to a student of your choosing, including a pro bono or another financially needy student!