Posted in Raffle 2019

Taiwan Beauty Sheet Mask Set

Name: Berta Liao

Organization: Hsinchu International School

Are the rigors of travel or Late-Night Hospitality making your skin look dull and dry? K-beauty is trending all over the (Western) Internet right now—and did you know that Taiwan also offers an exceptional array of beauty products offering advanced formulations? This travel-friendly set includes 14 of Taiwan’s most popular sheet masks, including options from Lovemore, My Beauty Diary, and Dr. Wu, to help you look bright and dewy.

Lovemore uses natural silk sheets and traditional Taiwanese herbal ingredients in a base of deep ocean water:
* Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating
* Wine Yeast Whitening
My Beauty Diary is Taiwan’s most popular brand of sheet masks and does not contain parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, and fluorescent whitening agents in its Tencel masks:
* Black Pearl Brightening
* Royal Pearl Radiance 
* Taiwan Tourism Limited Edition | Kenting Algae Elastin Moisturizing
Dr. Wu is the leading dermatologist-developed skincare brand in Taiwan, and utilizes advanced, premium ingredients:
* Super Food Capsule Mask | Black & White Truffle
* Super Food Capsule Mask | Finger Lime Caviar

Tickets cost: 1 for $1, 6 for $5, 12 for $10, 30 for $25. Don’t wait until the conference… you can pre-buy your tickets here


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