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IMPCT Whole Bean Coffee from Pingtung, Taiwan

Donated by Berta Liao, Hsinchu International School

This whole bean coffee comes from IMPCT, a global social enterprise dedicated to transforming low income and urban slum communities through education. They source the world’s best specialty coffee from vulnerable communities, and profits are re-invested back into local women to run their Playcare preschools.

IMPCT was founded in 2014 by a team of four MBA classmates at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University, in response to the Hult Prize Challenge, a global student competition for social good. The team — whose members come from Taiwan, Honduras, El Salvador and Canada — won the Hult Prize in 2015.

This box includes a 225g bag of specialty coffee beans (roasted on June 1, 2018) grown by an aboriginal Taiwanese farmer in Pingtung, in the south of Taiwan. The raw coffee cherries were processed using the washed method to convert them to raw coffee beans, and were then roasted in micro batches to a medium-dark color. Tasting notes: Oolong tea, nutty, full bodied.

This bag retails for US$27.50; IMPCT notes that production of Taiwanese coffee in general is extremely limited with specialty grade being quite rare. They pay over $15 a pound green for this coffee, a price they feel is worth it for a unique and delicious offering like this.

Also included are two individual drip bags of coffee: one of ground coffee from Las Brumas, El Salvador and the other from the Zurzular farm in Cantarranas, Honduras.

Every box of coffee sold is a brick used to build Playcare preschools at origin. Inside the box is a brick code that you can claim at to become a Playcare founder (each brick is worth US$6 that goes directly towards building the school you choose on their platform).

Don’t wait until the conference… you can pre-buy your tickets hereTickets cost: 1 for $1, 6 for $5, 12 for $10, 30 for $25.



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